Drop your empty Hanging Baskets and Containers off for refills!

TRUFFULA™ PINK GOMPHRENA.Get ready for seasonlong fireworks!

Don’t let its whimsical pink blooms fool you—this is one tough plant! The upright, airy structure of this unique annual acts as a vertical exclamation point wherever you plant it. Try it as a thriller in large containers or plant a whole mass of it in your landscape where you can watch it entice pollinating bees and butterflies to stop by for a midday snack.

You’ll have plenty of flowers to clip and enjoy in long-lasting fresh and dried bouquets. One of their most unique features is that they dry nearly the exact same color as the fresh blossoms. So, no matter when you choose to clip them, they’ll be beautiful in your arrangements.

Give this sizable annual plenty of elbow room to grow. It’s fun to watch it flourish during the summer heat, keeping its foot on the gas and blooming non-stop from spring into fall. “Pretty perseverance” is this plant’s mantra. Plan on your neighbors ringing the doorbell to ask, “What are those gorgeous flowers?”

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